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Professional and Commercial Publications
  • ‘Our Friend of the Mists’ in Hellebore magazine (December 2023)
  • ‘Mary Shelley’s Legacy in British Girls’ Comics’ in Conception – Mary Shelley: The Making of a Monster by Deborah Clair (Methuen, 2023).
  • ‘Introduction’ in Misty: 45 Years of Fear (Rebellion, 2023)
  • ‘The Black Widow: Context and Girlhood’ in The Art of Jaume Rumeu (Rebellion, 2021).
  • ‘Gothic Children: Investigating Comics & Children's Literature with Dr. Julia Round’ at What Sleeps Beneath (19 June 2020).
  • ‘Horror, Adventure and Adaptation: Locke and Key from Comics to Netflix’, with Dr Terrence Wandtke, at Pop Junctions (11 May 2020).
  • ‘Misty’s Serial Stories and Gothic Heroines’ in Comic Scene #10 ( Publishing, January 2020).
  • Interview material, Best of British Magazine (January 2020).
  • ‘Gothic for Girls’ interview, Sci-Fi Pulse (January 2020).
  • Interview material, Judge Dredd Megazine (Rebellion, November 2019).
  • ‘Misty and the Horrible Hidden History of British Comics’ for Pop Junctions (October 2019).
  • ‘Horror Hosts in British Girls’ Comics’ in Comic Scene #4 ( Publishing, January 2019).
  • ‘Cult Conversations: Interview with Julia Round’ at Confessions of an Aca-Fan (November 2018).
  • ‘Misty: From Creation to Revival’ in Comic Scene #1 ( Publishing, October 2018).
  • ‘In Memoriam: Jack Cunningham, Art Editor of Misty’ for Down the Tubes (September 2018). .
  • ‘Maria Barrera Castell’ in Anthologie Misty (Delirium, 2018).
  • Interview material, 2000 AD Prog 2011 (Rebellion, December 2016).
  • ‘Shirley Bellwood’ in Misty: Book One (Rebellion, 2016).
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